How Not To Be Bitter About Being Single (#RoyalWedding)

12 thoughts on “How Not To Be Bitter About Being Single (#RoyalWedding)”

  1. I just fell out when I got to your comment about ringing your aunt on Mother’s Day! Thank you for this very honest, thoughtful and encouraging post, and the gifs were an added touch!


  2. Simone, Simone, Simone….what a post!!! I actually read your post all the way to the end…and was thinking…ooooh this gal is really venting it out here…lol BUT I LOVED IT!!! You did it for you and yet so many other single ladies will find common ground in all that you’re experiencing. Can I please please share this on my page…I’m married…don’t be mad now…:-) but I started watching Being Mary Jane recently and saw all the issues single ladies are faced with and I realized how inconsiderate my ‘going on and on about married life’ must feel towards my single friends. I wanted to write a piece on this for so long but I would never be able to give an honest opinion in the way you did right here. You’re just being all kinds of awesome here Simone!! I love it.


  3. Reblogged this on Chanty’s Cosmos and commented:
    It’s a perfect morning along the West coast today. If you love winter like I do then you would love the way the dark clouds are gathering over the ocean and the waves are getting rowdier and rowdier as the wind are starting to pick up. Absolutely stunning day for duvet covers, watching your favorite series…and discovering new blogs to follow. All of this with some Beanies coffee and chocolate covered ring donuts. Perfect…except for that I’m sitting at my desk with BMJ in the corner of my screen, taking moments to look up and soak up the view from the office window with a cup of Beanies coffee…which could also be perfect because I get to write in peace.

    For a while I’ve been contemplating on writing an article about being a single lady over the socially acceptable age. This was inspired by me watching the TV series Being Mary Jane…yah yah I know…it’s old, but I’ve never ever watched it before so yes I’ve been missing out. But also because I felt that I’ve been so insensitive; so inconsiderate towards all my single friends out there. I’ve been going on and on about how wonderful married life is and how awesome it is to share my life with someone that loves me back in a huge way; that I completely forgot that everyone has not come to that point yet. Some who might long for it and some who might be getting on just fine without it.

    I wouldn’t really be able to give justice to such a topic and that’s the main reason why I’ve been stalling. I mean…I tried and could try some more. I started scribbling some lines but would then just delete and start over…a couple of times already. Then………on this beautiful morning I bump into (not literally) Simone Samuel’s blog post where she gave an accurate description of what it’s like to be single over 30 years of age in a world where it seems abnormal.

    It’s a bit on the lengthy side but I promise you it’s a goooooood read. I enjoyed it and learned so much.

    Please read it…




  4. Wow. Just wow. SO many things in this piece spoke to me and are going to inspire me to blog about. I too am single and am struggling with that lately. It’s part of my 32 and no property, no man, no children depressive narrative lately. BUT you spoke some serious truths on both the negative and positive sides. We are each on our own journey and we all have to find happiness in that. I just wrote a post about dating and mental health, please take a read when you’re ready to get out there! I think you will find value in it.

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