Why I Don’t Go to Church

5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Go to Church”

  1. I totally can relate from this, and thank you for sharing this, because this is the unseen or unrecognized/ignored aspect of church and its people/individual. This either gets generalized or just lost all together; in a bandage half-hearted effort of “let’s make a group to engage our church members” or give them positions in church to “keep” them “committed”. The intent is there, but the delivery falls short. Mainly because the leaders/elders/personnel in positions in the church don’t know their members, and the individuals that are sitting in their pews (insert all the points made in this article’s reply).
    I’ve seen it happen and it happened to me, and I’m not commenting to bash anyone or any group/denomination, or dish out facts/points etc. (there are many factors and sides of this)
    Because this is reality and it’s happening.
    I could go on with this, but this article spoke truth about the church and the individuals who experience/have experienced this in their church/a church.

    I totally agree with you/this article, and I appreciate its raw and authentic/honest reply, because I experienced it in my spiritual life journey.

    With that said, later on in my journey – I was lead to a congregation that welcomed me, allows me to thrive + contribute, and connect with its people – in which I now have friends and family (spiritual family), and a Home (in a sense), with others seeking Jesus / Jesus followers.

    Thank you for sharing this article

    Be well,


    (Apologies if my comment was long or spoke in Yoda style)

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  2. I understand this. A lot. I go to church every week, because of my dad. Now that I am basically his caretaker, I take him to church so that he can have some human contact. When my mom was alive, he would go visit her in the nursing home every day. But now that she’s gone, I struggle to find things for him to do during the day. So at least church fills that. I would probably skip church on more of the days that I’m sad or tired or fed up. But I go because of him.

    I have a good group of friends at my church. They rallied around me when my mom died in a way that I didn’t know what possible. I honestly didn’t know that I had such good friends. They did so much for me when I couldn’t take care of myself. And they continue to do so. So I enjoy seeing them on Sabbath mornings and sometimes on Friday nights.

    But I’ve been where you are with church attendance, so I don’t fault you for not wanting to go.

    Marva Dawn refers to corporate worship as “a ‘royal’ waste of time.” We are so used to looking for results in everything we do. She posits that maybe worship is just something that we do, without trying to have [measurable] results. And that we do it for the most royal of purposes. When I remember this, I am less inclined to skip.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for reading! I like that last part: worship without results. I agree. We need to aim for worship that is not result-oriented. We should worship Him because of Who He is, even if there is nothing in it for us.

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      1. It’s hard to do, isn’t it? We always want to be “fed.” And I think if that never happens in a church, it is the wrong place for me. But I need to remember that worship isn’t about me.

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      2. Amen, it is hard. We all have needs but like you said, is not about me, it is about Him. I think that is the key which is really hard to learn and easy to forget. Thanks for your post.

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