Gifted Hands?

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What Ben Carson’s transformation from an inspiring role model into a polarizing political figure means for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church When I turned nine years old, I started dreaming about who and what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Predictably, those dreams included the usual “nine year old boy” suspects:… Continue reading Gifted Hands?

The price of shame: Can you click with compassion?

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Image from Unlearn, whose mission is to provoke thought in the hope that it will encourage positive change. Support Unlearn by visiting Did you know that humiliation is a more intensely felt emotion than either happiness or even anger? This should come as no surprise in the light… Continue reading The price of shame: Can you click with compassion?

Free Money!

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Posted by Simone Samuels, 2008 BP Pearls of Wisdom Scholarship Recipient Did I get your attention?  Good. This year, I want you to beat it – not in a rude way.  I want you to beat the competition and win some free money! Let me introduce myself.  My name… Continue reading Free Money!