Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?

7 thoughts on “Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?”

  1. I’m here with you. You are a beautiful writer. It takes strength to admit when life is hard. And, so I praise you. Keep kicking. The daylight will bleed through. This, I promise you.


  2. Hi Simone! I love both your writing and your admission. Though you’ve prayed and think you’re tired of seeking help from Jesus, I would suggest (please don’t get offended) you seek it even more, while you continue fighting your way (you’re a Seventh-Day Adventist. Right? So, you have the faith). Believe me, my life, too, has grown into turmoil (facing health problems too). Yet, I do hope the Day Will Dawn.


  3. I’ve had a severly underactive thyroid gland since I was 15 and it’s often wreaked havoc on my system. I am thankful that it’s manageable with synthroid but have dealt with feelings of depression because of thinning hair through my 30s and 40s. Aside from this, I’m a huge believer in angels. My angel is my grandfather….he is the job angel in the family. Whenever I’m on the verge of needing or wanting to make a career move, he’s somehow made things happen. It also takes just one person to believe in you and to turn you into the career goddess you deserve to be. I would hope that you have an angel who’s going to step in soon to help you out.


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